Calendar of Events

2019 Tournaments

Saturday, May 18                Kaidens Kairs                                                                          8:00am Shotgun

Sunday, May 19                  VFW                                                                                        9:30am Tee Times

Saturday, May 25                NOPGA Junior Tournament                                                         9:00am Shotgun

Friday, May 31                    Wolff Brothers                                                                           9:00am Shotgun

Saturday, June 8                 Orrville Hall of Fame                                                                   8:00am Shotgun

Saturday, June 8                 New Deal Club                                                                           9:00am Shotgun                                          

Saturday, June 15               Salvation Army                                                                           8:00am Shotgun

Saturday, June 22               Remax- LOLO'S ARK Scramble                                                  8:00am Shotgun

Saturday, June 22               Leeder-Hartzler                                                                          9:00am Shotgun

Saturday, June 29               VFW Outing                                                                              8:00am Shotgun

Sunday, June 30                 Wayne Lanes Outing #1                                                             8:00am Shotgun

Saturday, July 6                  West Holmes Class of '73                                                          12:00pm Tee Times

Thursday, July 11                Wishes Can Happen Pro-Am                                                      9:00am Shotgun

Satrurday, July 13               Eagles                                                                                      9:00am Shotgun

Saturday, July 20                Alioto Memorial                                                                          8:00am Shotgun

Saturday, July 27                Galen Swartzentruber Memorial                                                   8:00am Shotgun

Saturday, August 3             Riebe-Mastrine Memorial                                                             8:00am Shotgun

Saturday, August 3             Adam Ports Memorial                                                                 1:00am Shotgun

Sunday, August 5               K of C Outing                                                                             8:00am Shotgun

Tuesday, August 6             Special Olympics                                                                        9:30am Shotgun

Saturday, August 10           Wooster Boys and Girls Club                                                      8:00am Shotgun

Sunday, August 11             Friday Night League Outing                                                         8:00am Shotgun

Saturday, August 17           American Legion Baseball Outing                                                8:00am Shotgun

Sunday, August 18             Tuesday-Thursday League Outing                                               8:00am Shotgun

Saturday, August 24           Becker Memorial                                                                       8:00am Shotgun

Saturday, August 31           Patios for Patriots/Howmar                                                          8:00am Shotgun

Sunday, Sept 15                Rhoads 2-Man Scramble                                                             7:30am Tee Times

Wednesday, Sept 18         Orrville Chamber of Commerce                                                     12:00pm Shotgun

Saturday, Sept 21             State Farm High School Tournament                                            8:00am Shotgun

Wednesday, Sept 25         State Girls Division 2 Sectional                                                  9:00am Front9/Back9 Tee Times