Calendar of Events

*Note...We will again be able to schedule outings in 2021. Some restrictions still possible due to the coronavirus pandemic. Please feel free to call if you have any questions. Thank you for your understanding and most importantly, STAY SAFE!!



2021 Tournaments Currently Scheduled

Sunday, May 16                  VFW Couples                                                                            9:30am Tee Times

Saturday, May 22               NOPGA Junior Tournament Day 1                                                9:00am Shotgun

Sunday, May 23                 NOPGA Junior Tournament Day 2                                                9:00am Shotgun

Saturday, June 5                Salvation Army                                                                           8:00am Shotgun

Saturday, June 26              VFW                                                                                         8:00am Shotgun                                          

Saturday, June 26              Fellowship of Christian Athletes (9-Holes)                                      8:00am Shotgun

Sunday, June 27                 Wayne Lanes Outing #1                                                             8:00am Shotgun

Thursday, July 15                NOPGA Senior Reunion                                                             11:30am Tee Times

Saturday, July 17                Alioto Memorial                                                                          8:00am Shotgun

Thursday, July 22                Wishes Can Happen Pro-Am                                                     9:00am Shotgun

Saturday, August 7             Riebe-Mastrine Memorial                                                             8:00am Shotgun

Saturday, August 7             Adam Ports Memorial                                                                 1:00am Shotgun

Saturday, August 14           Wooster Boys and Girls Club                                                      8:00am Shotgun

Sunday, August 22             Wayne Lanes Outing #2                                                             8:00am Shotgun

Saturday, August 28           Becker Memorial                                                                       8:00am Shotgun

Sunday, Sept 19                Rhoads 2-Man Scramble                                                            7:30am Tee Times

Saturday, Sept 25             State Farm High School Tournament                                            8:00am Shotgun