Lessons with Matt Sindlinger

After graduating from Malone University in 1997 Matt turned professional and competed successfully on several professional tours for 7 years. Matt has been a teaching professional for 20 years and has become a proven instructor in those years. Riceland Golf Course has been his “home away from home” as he has been the golf professional there since September 1997. He also worked with the Riceland Golf Course Junior Golf Program while he was in college; this is where his love of teaching and giving back to the game all started. He currently teaches golfers of all ages and of all skill levels ranging from professional golfers to the beginner. Matt is now the Head Men's and Women's Golf Coach at the University of Mount Union where he spent the last 12 years as an assistant. In his 13 years coaching and working with the team they have accumulated three men's conference titles, two women's conference championships, seven national championship appearances and three All–Americans. He has coached and taught several accomplished collegiate golfers. Several of his students have since turned professional to continue their playing careers.  Many of his students have also become some of the best area golfers and compete in many local and national tournaments. Matt is also the co-author of the golf intructional book Dynamic Golf: 60 Days to Better Golf. If you would like more information about the book or would like to purchase a copy visit http://dynamicgolfteaching.com. Matt looks forward to helping you reach your true potential as a golfer!!!

Contact Information:

Lessons Include:

  • customized lessons
  • fundamentals
  • full swing mechanics and feelings
  • pre-shot routine
  • course management
  • mental game
  • schooled in and teaches many golf swing philosophies
    • i.e. The Plane Truth, Stack and Tilt, Impact Zone Golf

Full Swing

  • 45 Minute Lesson = $50
  • 30 Minute Lesson = $35
  • Junior Lesson = $35


  • 3- 45 Minute Lessons = $135
  • 5- 45 Minute Lessons = $200
  • 3- 30 Minute Lessons = $90
  • 5- 30 Minute Lessons = $125


Short Game Lessons

  • 30 minutes = $35
  • putting
  • chipping
  • bunker shots


  • 3- 30 Minute Short Game Lessons = $90
  • lesson 1 - putting
  • lesson 2 - chipping
  • lesson 3 - bunkers shots

Group Lessons

  • 1 Hr. sessions
  • $35 per person
  • limit to four golfers per group

Playing Lessons

  • $60 for 1 Hr. of playing lessons
  • golf and cart included